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Italian Supplementary School Singapore

The Italian Supplementary School in Singapore was founded in the 1970's by the Association of parents of the Italian School. It has been recognised by the Government of Singapore since 1986.


In accordance with the law of March 1971 n.153, the ministerial programs follow the teaching guidelines for Italian schools abroad. The main goals of the School are to keep young Italians acquainted with their mother tongue, to give students the mastery of a basic vocabulary to be able to express themselves correctly, to gain good analytical and research skills, to start with the taste of reading Italian books and guide them to the knowledge of Italy's history, culture and customs.


Over the last few years we have noticed a great deal of students coming from not only Italy but from other countries. The distinction between nationalities, the origin of different regions of Italy and the world, family bilingualism, the attendance of other schools during the week. The effort required for the children to attend on Saturday, their rest day, the scarcity of time available, the culture of unequal environments are elements that require special effort by both students and teachers, and therefore the work of students enrolled and their families is more widely appreciated by the Community.

The Italian Supplementary School in Singapore is part of APICS (Association for the Promotion of the Italian Culture in Singapore): an independant not-for-profit Association, registered in Singapore. The mission of APICS is to promote the Italian language & culture in Singapore. For more information visit

Italian school in Singapore
Scuola Italiana Singapore
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